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Congrats to @OrlaMcGee on the publication of her paper “An in vitro model quantifying the effect of calcification on the tissue–stent interaction in a stenosed aortic root” https://t.co/W495aBG1XB #LoveIrishResearch pic.twitter.com/nTuJGcrGpY

— Mechanobiology (@mechanobio_ie) October 31, 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Myles Mc Garrigle on passing his viva last week!

— Mechanobiology (@mechanobio_ie) September 6, 2017

Congrats to @FreemanFiona1 on the publication of her recent article https://t.co/qOLRKKX5Oh pic.twitter.com/H29FtxPlWM

— Mechanobiology (@mechanobio_ie) August 8, 2017