The Alice Perry Engineering Building. Image: NUI Galway

The following are job vacancies currently on offer for those interested in joining the Mechanobiology and Medical Devices Research Group:


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Closing Date for applications: July 21st 2021.


Project Title: Mechanobiological model systems for Bone Metastasis mimetics

Supervisor: Prof. Laoise McNamara

Duration: Funded for 4 years (Structured PhD), full time

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for a PhD Scholarship with the Mechanobiology and Medical Devices Research Group in Biomedical Engineering at the National University of Ireland, Galway. This position is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and is available from the 1st Sep 2021 to Aug 31st 2025.

Project Description:

Despite immense efforts to develop therapies for osteoporosis, conventional drugs that target bone loss only prevent osteoporotic fractures in half of sufferers, and the worldwide economic burden of treatment is escalating. Recently, our research has provided evidence that the biological mechanisms by which bone cells normally respond to their mechanical environment are impaired. The global objective of the MEMETic project is to provide a paradigm change for studies of bone disease and therapeutics by consolidating, and significantly advancing, our novel approaches to develop advanced ex vivo models that recreate in vivo biomechanical cues in a living and multicellular 3D environment to replicate the mechanobiological function of bone. A unique multi-disciplinary approach, combing cell and molecular biology with biomechanical and mechanobiological techniques, will enable these important advances, and consolidate a world leading mechanobiology research program.

This research will be conducted using the equipment, technical expertise, office and research space within the Alice Perry Engineering Building (School of Engineering) and the BioSciences Research Building (BRB) at NUI Galway. The 14,000m2 Alice Perry Engineering Building houses state-of-the-art Biomedical Engineering facilities including cell culture laboratories, biomechanical testing laboratories, micro-CT scanning, microscopy, research space and computer suites. The BioSciences Research Building incorporates 8,000m2 of high-end laboratory space for over 300 researchers working in the areas of cancer research, regenerative medicine and cell and molecular biology.

Entry Requirements: Applicants must hold a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, or a related field. We seek students who have breadth of vision and experience in addition to outstanding undergraduate achievement. The minimum qualification for the award of a Scholarship is a primary degree with Second Class Honours, Grade I. Excellent communication and organisation skills, attention to detail, independent initiative and ability to work in a collaborative environment are required. Each student will receive an annual stipend (€18,500 per annum) and in addition, fees will be paid for 4 years. Expected start date: 1st September 2021.

How to apply: Interested candidates should send a cover letter, which highlights the candidate’s interest in the field and reasons for pursuing a PhD, and a CV, including the names of two referees, by email to Prof. Laoise McNamara at Closing Date for applications: July 23rd 2021.

For informal discussion: contact Prof. Laoise McNamara at